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      Dear friends,
      My name is Marinela Mamalaki - Stavrakaki, I’m a qualified tourist guide in Greece. I live in the city of Heraklion on the island of Crete in Greece.
      The travel agency “Tourist Guides of Crete”, is an attempt of 100 qualified tourist guides of Greece with huge experience in travel and tours, guiding in 14 different languages.
      “Tourist Guides of Crete”, is certified as one of the members of
      Many of our tourist guides have successfully completed the course “T-GUIDE-Guiding people with learning difficulties” and were certified by FEG-the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and ENAT-the European Network for Accessible Tourism, as well as the FEG seminar “Tourism for All”.
      Due to my professional experience as a tourist guide all these years, I know that we are all different, but we can have common interests.
      I strongly believe that we must have the same opportunities in our lives to travel and enjoy the visits, transportation and accommodation anywhere we go.
      I recently realized that my good friend, who also leaves in Heraklion, could not join us to all of our activities, due to his disability issues. So accessibility it is not only an important issue for our visitors, it should be the same for the locals.
      Discussing with friends about the disabilities and accessible tourism, we decided to do our best to make our country accessible for all people with physical disabilities, like reduced mobility or with learning difficulties and for their families.
      Besides, it is our legal and moral duty to give the same opportunities to us all!!!
      So here we are!
      Come and join us to enjoy a trip to Greece, which is a phenomenon of culture and civilization in the history of the mankind.
      Inhabited since the Palaeolithic era and with continuous presence in human history, this land gave birth to harmony and measure in arts and philosophy and has preserved the oldest written European language - Greek - in use for the last 3.500 years.
      Its monuments speak of the glorious past. Equally eloquent as the faces of modern inhabitants, they represent a way of life that has kept its smile alive throughout the centuries.
      Past and present meet and mingle in a perfect way.
      In ancient Greece Xenios Zeus was always protecting guests. Today, it is our pleasure, as tourist guides – lecturers, to keep this tradition of hospitality alive, proud of our country, happy to show its beauties, looking forward to make new friends, ready to share tender emotions.
      We invite you to join our passion for Greece, enjoy a journey in a landscape of monuments and legends by the bluest waters in the Mediterranean, see dolphins and imagine mermaids…
      Come and visit us with a tailor-made and very well prepared trip, with all Accessible Services we have available in Greece.

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