Sightseeing tours and experiential activities for students

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We are 104 licensed tourist guides of the Association of Crete and Santorini, and we founded the ‘’Tourist Guides of Crete Travel Agency’’ in 2013. Our suggestions refer to selective visitors of Crete, and are not included in other travel agencies’ projects. Our projects are being carried out with responsibility, consistency, precision and love. Our tourist guides know a lot about the historical past, the monuments, the traditions and the natural environment. We seek, with professionalism and high standards, to live up to our guests’ expectations, to offer a variety of activities and to ensure their success. We arrange trips, accommodation, tours, conferences, and guidings of general content, but also for specialized subjects, in and out of Crete, in 14 different languages, fluently spoken. Also, we created, with much passion, specially formed guidings, for families with children, that include experiential activities in Greek, English, French, Italian and German and take place in archaeological sites, museums, sightseeings and cultural monuments in Heraklion and all over Crete. The programme starts with specially adapted guiding in the selected location. Up next, we have the section that includes experiential activities. Those, aim to help the children assimilate all the information given during the guided tour. Furthermore, by taking part in such activities, children are able to form a personalized emotional relationship with that specific location. Several pictures of archaeological findings, object effigies, graphs, pictorial creations made by tourist guides - ‘’artists’’ using materials friendly both to the children and the environment, contribute to achieving that goal. The tourist guide encourages and directs the children during this process. Depending on the children’s age and their ability to assimilate the given information, visits, actions, pictorial and graphic material, vary.

We welcome you to Greece and Crete, and we invite you to trust us with the planning of your vacations, the organization of conventions and scheduled visits to archaeological and historical sites, in locations of great natural and cultural interest. Our guided tours for either children or adults will ensure that your holiday will remain a unique and memorable life experience.

See you soon in our homeland!


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